Miss Persona and the Marvelous Melodies: A New Kids Show!


483331_10151293292944112_1913454335_nFeeling like a mash up of Fraggle Rock and Adventure Time and featuring original music, Miss Persona and the Marvelous Melodies is set on the Isle of Melodious, a magical land where anything can come alive through puppeteering. Each episode focuses on Miss Persona (a real girl) and her best friend George Monster (a puppet) as they learn pro-social lessons that are subtly woven into the narrative. The look is akin to a handmade pop-up book, with dynamic transitions where sets and characters whiz in and pop up. The idea is that kids will be inspired to create their own imaginary worlds by the do-it- yourself nature of the show.


Cast of Characters:

Miss Persona: Our bright eyed and bushy tailed protagonist with a song in her heart. She is adventurous and eternally optimistic. A sweet girl with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes who’s not afraid to play in the dirt.

George Monster: He is Miss Persona’s best friend, a mischievous puppet who cares greatly for others. He is excitable and naive with a bit of stubbornness that can get him into trouble.

Prince Ballade: A charming and vain prince with a velvety voice.

Dr. Fibula: The nutty German doctor who is surprisingly wise.

Rhonda Rhymes: A fumbling witch who may not have the best intentions, with a very competitive nature.

The Limestone Monsters: Named Rocky I – VI, a gentle people who help shape the mountains of Melodious.

The Not’é Things: Music note shaped creatures that communicate through musical beeps.

And many more!